A Commitment to Environment :

At Himachal fibres Limited we are proud that at virtually every step in the manufacturing process we employ eco-friendly practices
  • Effluent treatment is accorded the highest priority and the latest technology is used always
  • There is total recycling of the water used in the fabric dyeing & finishing unit. Bulk of this water is used again in the process house, while the balance is used for horticulture around the plant.
  • The horticulture department has 12 people, including 1 senior supervisory staff, responsible for enhancing the greening process in and around the plant.

Quality Assurance :

The unique combination of human resource and state – of –the –art technology, supplementing each other with continuous increase in productivity is enabling us to grow to economies of scale
Our Evenness Results fall in 5% of Uster standards, achieved through

Proper selection of Raw Material
World class Pre-spinning and Spinning Facilities
Technical Know How
Human Skills
100% Quality Assurance System
Complete solution for contamination
Supervision by Experienced Personnel at  Ginning facilities
Hand Sorting at Blow Room Stage
Loptex Contamination Control Device in Blowroom
Contamination Clearer Uster Quantum II in Winding